Monday, April 13, 2015

Shovel Knight to feature Kratos on PS4

Shovel Knight was an amazing game, with a lot of positive reception upon its release. (You can see my personal video review here) Luckily, Playstation platforms will get the Shovel Knight treatment with an added bonus; fighting one of their most iconic characters.


Kratos, of all things, will be featured in-game as a boss. He is no pushover, and has been stated that it will take some effort to even start the encounter.The game does promise rewards for defeating him, perhaps an ability or two? [1]

Regardless, it is an awesome addition that is sure to attract more attention to the game, and hopefully they can find a way to incorporate this into existing editions? (Please copyright, be nice!)

[1] Playstation Blog - Shovel Knight vs. the God of War -

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