Thursday, April 23, 2015

Destiny Livestream Confirms Big Changes for upcoming DLC

Destiny has caught a lot of flak from their last Crota DLC, but their latest stream has confirmed some new content that is looking to improve the game overall. [1]

It is confirmed that there level cap with the latest DLC will be light level 34, only two more than the current 32 cap. As previously confirmed, there is no raid this time around.

The Reef will open up a new hub area with new vendors, new NPCs, and new content to explore. Of course, the Tower will not go unused or unoccupied and will still be the source for gear and the like.

All the piles of old shards and energy no longer needed can now be given for Glimmer on the tower, a small, but very big impact to those who have a ton of space taken up in their vault with excess materials.

The biggest news came from the gear upgrade. Any weapons or armor of purple or exotic rarity, can be upgraded to the standard of the best gear. This means that if you prefer the look of the Vault of Glass armor or the Vex Mythoclast weapon, it can be upgraded to match up to the current damage or defense cap. All of this without having to start from scratch with the weapon at hand, as you simply upgrade the "Ascend" area of the weapon with the required materials to bump up the stats. This will open up much more variety in all the Guardians running around in Crota gear and nothing else.

More is planned to be revealed each week during live streams leading up to House of Wolves DLC on May 19th.

[1] - VG247 - Destiny House of Wolves Full gear set up to level 34 in PvP and PVE, upgrades, more -

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