Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So Many Scorpions

Scorpion is iconic with Mortal Kombat. He has been in every game since its inception, his long standing rivalry with Sub-Zero is a staple to the series, and he is even featured on the cover of the latest title.

The popularity, however, has lead to him becoming the most played character in the game and it is starting to annoy the rest of the crowd. 

Kotaku showcased a player count of character used and Scorpion is sitting very easily at the top of the list. [1]

Raiden? He is up at thirteen million. Takeda? Roughly the same. Sub-Zero is the only one who is a little closer at a few million less.

Every fighting game has this situation. From the sheer amount of Kens in Street Fighter to the litter of Batmans in Injustice, it is expected to run into a character that people gravitate toward. Most are using Scorpion for the ease of using his teleport to gain the upper hand, and the ease of overtaking newer players that are unfamiliar with how to tackle the barrage of attacks.

People will always have their favorite characters, but I would love an incentive to mix it up in some sort of experience reward or game type. Until then...."Get over here!" will be shouted in many a match.

[1] - Kotaku - Maybe Scorpion is a Little Too Popular in Mortal Kombat - http://kotaku.com/maybe-scorpion-is-a-little-too-popular-in-mortal-kombat-1699082085

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