Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Playstation Home Officially Closed its Doors

Playstation Home, which launced for free for the PS3 in 2008, was officially shut down yesterday.

The concept was to have a place where all Playstation users could lounge, discuss, invite, and overall interact with other Playstation users. There were even events and games that could be played, winning prizes to customize your avatar and personal apartment.

The result was...less than inspiring. The load times and process of communicating were long, and despite trying to mount interest in gathering at Playstation Home, many went about using the platforms and services that were faster and more beneficial.

Home was a brief experience for me, personally. I ventured in, looked around, judged it was not for me, and left it in Sony purgatory as an icon that remain untouched through the life of my PS3.

The fact that Playstation Home has lasted this long though...I would far from consider that a failure. Maybe a failure in its intended purpose, but the overall lasting appeal kept a few coming back, just not enough to hold it up.

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