Thursday, April 2, 2015

Nintendo Direct Reveals Amiibos, Mario Kart Goodies, and More

Yesterday may have been April Fools but Nintendo was making no jokes on their Nintendo Direct stream. Here are the big reveals for what is in store:

Amiibo was front and center as a new line of smash brothers amiibos will be set to drop later this year. Additionally Yoshi's Wooly World will be getting yarn inspired Amiibos.

Smash brothers fans waiting for Mewtwo will be happy to hear he will be available for only $4 on March 28th, with melee veteran Lucas joining the roster later this June. There is also a Smash Brothers Fighter Ballot website where you can vote for your favorite fighters here.

Splatoon was showcased a big, showing off new Amiibo, as well as giving it a May 29th release date.

Wii U Virtual Console will now be featuring N64 and DS games, starting with Mario 64 and Yoshi's Island at $9.99.

Mario Kart DLC is inbound for those awaiting the Animal Crossing pack on April 23rd. Additionally, a 200cc mode will be released soon, upping the difficulty for a more challenging racing experience.

New Fire Emblem!

Despite a Legend of Zelda delay, there are plenty of exciting things coming this spring.

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