Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Spotlight: Little Devil Inside

Little Devil Inside
Developer: Unlisted (Kody)
Publisher: Unlisted
Release Date: TBD

Steam Greenlight always has promising up and coming titles, and Little Devil Inside has recently taken the spotlight.

Taking influence from The Legend of Zelda and Xcom, Little Devil Inside is an action RPG. This is guided by a multiple mission-driven system with an open world to explore. The expected world events, upgradable weapons, and sword and gun based combat can be expected.

According to their Greenlight page [1]:

We wanted to create and design a world with a surreal but familiar look and feel with all its elements such as characters, creatures, buildings, objects and the entire environment for that matter with a level of visual detail that is minimal but sufficient enough to create a vivid imagery in the players’ minds.
As opposed to developing fully life-like, high polygon characters and objects with intense level of textures, the intended design essence and aesthetics is to create a subtle but powerful sense of emptiness for each player to fill for themselves throughout the game experience. 

Sounds and looks like a game to keep your eye on in the future.

[1] - Steam Greenlight - Little Devil Inside -

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