Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 5 Games to Play this Halloween

Halloween is approaching, and we all know it is usually a time to go see whatever scary movie is playing at the local theater. Why sit and watch, when you could be part of the action? Here is a list of 5 games you should consider playing that are guaranteed to scare the crap out of you.

F.E.A.R Series
Xbox 360/PC/PS3
Developer: Monolith Productions
Span: October 2005-Present

  FEAR took the first person shooter genre and proved that things are much scarier when you're looking these situations in the face. Besides great gameplay including slo-mo combat and above-average AI, FEAR is most famous for the little girl, Alma. Alma would occasionally interrupt your progress by appearing with the sole purpose of freaking you the hell out. You would walk down a hall to find a door locked and turn around only to find her walking upside down on a ceiling that has turned into blood....yeah. It's moments like those that make FEAR both an entertaining shooter and frightening horror experience.

Silent Hill Series
Developer: Konami
Span: 1999-Present

  Silent Hill is one of the few games whose story and characters freak you out more than the actual game. Using the typical survival horror approach, Silent Hill games put the hero/heroin in a world of bizzare creatures and one truly messed up town. At the sound of a siren the world evolves from a foggy town to a pitch-black metal hell. The few survivors you do end up meeting are also horrifying in their own right. In the first game alone you were confronted by nurses with bleeding faces. Lest we forget Pyramid Head, an iconic figure of the series and a damn frightening entity you run from in the second installment. Regardless of the game you choose, if it has Silent Hill in the title, expect a gruesome experience.

Resident Evil Series
Playstation/PS2/PS3/Dreamcast/Gamecube/Xbox 360/PC
Developer: Capcom
Span: 1996-Present

  You can't mention survival-horror without thinking of Resident Evil. Ever since the first title hit the Playstation way back in 1996, fans have been captivated by the story and characters that Resident Evil has created. Evolving from a survival-horror to a more action oriented third person shooter, RE still maintains its scare factor. Whereas hearing the familiar moan from a slow moving zombie in the first game prevented you from going around corners, the latter installments, such as RE5, keep the scare factor alive by the sheer amount of enemies that close in on you at a given time. Resident Evil has been an iconic series for survival-horror, and has well-deserved its spot on the list.

Left 4 Dead
PC/Xbox 360
Developer: Valve
Publisher: Valve
Release: November 2008

  Left 4 Dead may have you running around with 3 other people, but that doesn't lessen the fear you have when you hear the music pick up as a mob of undead sprint toward your party. L4D is one of those few games that delivers a post-apocalyptic zombie experience that is as terrifying as it is fun. Play as the survivors and run for your lives, or play as the infected and pick off the survivors one by one. Either way the game provides a co-op experience that is truly one to remember. It's a game that sticks with you, as you will walk a little bit faster when you hear that car alarm go off in the distance.

Dead Space

PS3/Xbox 360/PC
Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: EA
Release Date: October 2008

  Dead Space is a truly horrifying and incredibly enjoyable experience. From the moment the lights first go dark you are thrown into a haunting and lonesome atmosphere. Every turn around a corridor, every noise you hear, every shadow that passes by induces chills. Music, lighting, and camera placement combine together to elevate the feeling of suspense. You never really enter a pause menu, ensuring you are kept in every moment of this experience. With incredibly fun gameplay centered around dismemberment and the feeling that you really are all alone on this giant ship, Dead Space is easily a must-play for any shooter or survival-horror genre fan alike.

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