Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fable III - Using...Project Natal?

  Fable III is declared and highly anticipated, but recently Peter Molyneux dropped a bomb on the loyal Fable fans...Fable III will support Project Natal. This of course has been hinted at considerably by his Twitter account. No specifics on how it will be used or if the game will be based soley around it, but it would make sense that Molyneux would want to implement this technology.

  If you don't remember, Molyneux was the one pushing for Project Natal at E3. You remember, he showcased that creepy little British child that you can adopt and help with homework! I'm all for motion control applications, but taking a popular series and attempting to transition it into this new motion capture device seems like a risky move. I'll have to wait until I see some gameplay before I pass judgement on it.

(Source: Kotaku )

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