Tuesday, October 13, 2009

iPod Touch/iPhone App of the Week

StoneLoops of Jurassica
PlayCreek LLC
Released May 14th, 2009
Cost: 3.99 (0.99 On Sale Now)

Pros: Easy to pickup and play, Two modes allow for a nice mix in strategy, On sale for only .99 cents, Trophies add something fun to aim for

Cons: Once you finish the main modes there isn't much incentive to replay, a quickplay/challenge mode would have been a nice addition

  Stoneloops is basically a puzzle game like that of Tetris or Zuma. Your goal is to prevent the line of colorful stones rolling along a set path from getting to the end of the path. You eliminate loops by matching colors together by shooting the stone you carry into the line. You are inclined to go for a high combo, chaining one colorful explosion into another to really rack up the points. Doing so not only nets you a good score, but increases the chance of items dropping. These range from a simple spear that destroys any stone to full on meteor showers that can destroy more than half the stones on screen. As the levels progress, you'll find your line backed up and you struggling to match colors as fast as possible - a great experience in either mode.

  You progress from level to level along a set path upgrading your "house" along the way. Your house goes from a simple rock to a pimped out Flintstones home!...it doesn't exactly DO anything but hey it's pretty to look at while you blaze through the levels.

  The only bummer is that the game has two modes, Grab and Shoot and Classic...that's all it has. Classic mode drops colors into your shooter automatically while Grab and Shoot gives you the opportunity to rearrange the line itself. Though both are quite fun and require different strategies and a fast finger, they are all that is available. With the addition of a quickplay mode or challenge mode the game could have been well worth its original price. Basically once you finish playing through the levels in both modes...you're done. Trophies provide some incentive to go back, but very little.

Overall, if you have .99 cents to spare, Stoneloops! provides a fun time for little cash. Get it now while it's nice and cheap.

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