Monday, October 5, 2009

iPhone/iPod Touch App of the Week

 Geodefense Swarm
Critical Thought Games LLC
Released Sept. 14, 2009


 Pros: 0.99 cents, Three difficulty modes providing wide variety of challenge, Allows you to create your own pathway of defense, Pretty visuals when things go boom
Cons: Difficulty on the harder levels "forces" you to follow one set method, Not a great game for newcomers to Tower Defense genre

Geodefense was THE tower defense game to play through over the summer. It comes as no surprise that the app I am recommending is the "sequel" to the hit title.

Overall, Geodefense is a tower defense game. The object is simple: Ensure the bad guys don't get from point A to point B using the towers at your disposal. As the difficulty increases, you find out this is not as easy as it sounds. Towers must be placed at strategic points to provide the best impact they can or your health will dwindle away and you will be required to rethink your original strategy.

The "creeps" can take any route they are able to in order to get past your towers. This is what makes Swarm such a challenging and unique experience. You can put any tower any place you desire (pending on higher difficulties), ultimately creating your road of destruction for the creeps to follow. Most of the harder stages will require the same method of laying out your towers, but a large amount of them allow you to guide them along whatever path you feel is most effective.

Though amazingly difficult on Hard mode, the game is incredibly satisfying. Complete with a High Score leaderboard and possibility of updates with new stages (which they have done with the original Geodefense), Swarm is a game worthy of space on your mobile device. At only .99cents, Geodefense Swarm is easy to recommend.

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