Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dante's Inferno and the Lust Circle..

Dante's Inferno is the tale of an Italian soldier named Dante that returns home to find his wife murdered. He chases after her soul as it is pulled to hell and must fight through the nine circles of hell to retrieve her. The game is based very closely around "The Divine Comedy" and looks to be a damn good experience. Similar to God of War, the combat will be non-stop action and button sensitive "press this not to die" events will be sure to make their appearance.

The story and gameplay is all well and good, but there is one particular circle of hell showcased that has a bunch of people is it going to be like playing through THIS? Similar to the story, you must climb through the 9 circles of hell: Greed, Gluttony, Heresy, etc. The Lust circle of hell however, has many an eyebrow raised.

In this 2nd circle of hell, you are introducted to architecture and villains that are both hilarious and disturbing as...well...hell. The architecture is adorned with sperm shapes, labia doorways, and penis gets better. One of the enemies that you end up facing is called "The Temptress" and her main attack consists of ripping her chest open, grabbing you with her tentacles, and pulling you into her vagina. Not to mention the boss has demon babies coming out of her nipples.
This sounds like the most messed up stage in a video game I will ever experience, and I'm sure the game will be one to remember. I'll just have to take a shower and go to church the following morning to get that feeling off me...

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