Thursday, March 5, 2015

Grab your plastic instruments, Rock Band 4 is coming

Gameinformer has made official that Rock Band 4 is on its way to invade your homes with more plastic instruments.[1] Here is a rundown of the major points in the article:

  • All your songs purchased will still be available
  • No promises on being able to use your old instruments but they are working on incorporating it and things are looking positive in that respect
  • Sticking to the core instruments, don't expect a keyboard anytime soon
  • Vocals are being reworked for your lead singer
  • Reworking visuals and "concert experience"

Rock Band is scheduled for release later this year. Expect to see a lot more at E3 this year!

While the game could be promising and will no doubt be a fun game, the timing feels too little too late. I cannot even imagine where all those plastic instruments I bought are laying around. Rock Band 3 was released back in 2010 and holds a 93 on Metacritic.[2]

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