Thursday, March 12, 2015

Free Maps for Titanfall and Evolve

In an act of great kindness, not one, but two games have announced free maps for download as of today.

Yesterday, Titanfall confirmed that all map packs that originally required a season pass would be free of charge. In a blog on their official website: [1]

In celebration of our one year anniversary, all Titanfall map packs are now available for free* on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. You just have to head to the online store on Origin or Xbox and download the Season Pass.

Not only are Titanfall fans living it up, eVolve is getting two free map packs as well. On their official website: [2]

The Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry maps will be available for free, and are coming first to Xbox One on March 31st, followed by PC and PlayStation 4 on April 30th.

Adding new content at no charge is always a bonus, but the fact that Titanfall is unleashing their previously priced maps for absolutely nothing is a big win, and will have me jumping back into my Titan to check out all the new content I did not get a chance to play.

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