Friday, October 8, 2010

World of Warcraft: 12 Million Strong

The success of World of Warcraft is undeniable. Recently they announced their new numbers for total subscribers, increasing from 11 million declared in 2008, to 12 million players with active accounts.

Having played through two of the expansions myself, I understand the appeal. It's a crazy thing to shut off a game, knowing that the world is still thriving even after you log out. Nothing beat the first feeling of becoming high-level and experiencing the game as it was meant to be. Getting your first mount, downing your first true boss, assisting in your first successful raid; it all gave such a sense of satisfaction.

I never even had to become the "Tier 7 Armor" Warrior to enjoy the game, as the true joy of the game was held in becoming part of a guild and just having fun. Sure everyone wanted new, better equipment; but just wiping over and over again on a dragon boss could even hold enjoyment. I never fought the Lich King, or completed the 40 man-raid of Molten Core, but I did the main thing I wanted: I had fun....oh, and also I tanked Onyxia, the biggest, most-badass dragon in the game.

With World of Warcraft: Cataclysm hitting this December, the number can only go up. New level cap, dungeons, and new races only promise new players. Warcraft has made its mark on not only MMOs, but PC gaming itself.

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