Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition

Amazon let slip today the Collector's Edition of Dead Space 2. The edition comes complete with a rather large box, some sort of exclusive downloadable content, a copy of the Dead Space 2 soundtrack (Awesome inclusion!), and what appears to be an animation cell.

The main appeal of this set seems to be the replica of the Plasma Cutter weapon that Isaac uses to dismember his infected attackers. Now I get to pretend in real life!

The Plasma Cutter replica is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC, while the PlayStation 3 version comes with a downloadable rivet gun and the PS Move version of Dead Space: Extraction.

Dead Space 2 is set for a January 25th, 2011 release date.

Source: Amazon Lets Slip the Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition

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