Friday, January 1, 2016

Here's to 2016 in Gaming

Can you believe it is already 2016? Happy New Year!

This season always comes in a whirlwind as we wind down from the holidays, take down the Christmas decorations, and deny the fact we must return to work or school soon.

As far as gaming goes there is plenty to consider going into the new year.

I am living on a backlog at the moment, after gaining three big titles over Christmas, and expect my 2016 to start with 2015's biggest games. I am breezing through Halo 5's campaign before jumping into Fallout 4. Then there is the matter of Witcher 3 and Rocket League time with friends. With big 40 hour+ titles and other multiplayer matches I wish to delve into, I find myself preoccupied coming into the next year.

Soon, Link, very soon...

This is problematic, as there are a ton of new games that really caught my eye heading into 2016. Uncharted 4 tops that list, as one of my favorite franchises finally makes a next generation debut. There is also the matter of a new Zelda later this year, the sole reason I have been holding onto a Wii-U for so long aside from new Smash Brother characters. Throw in a new Deus Ex, IPs from E3 like Recore, and a slew of other titles we have yet to see debut and there are a lot of big titles coming next year.

The biggest goal of 2016 will be a PlayStation 4. I have the means after the mass of gift cards, it is just all about waiting for the perfect bundle. Console exclusives and the prospect of this consoles capabilities have drawn me to complete my collection of next generation machines. What will E3 bring? Could a price drop be in the near future? Will a VR bundle be a possibility? All keep me waiting, and yearning for what the console could hold in 2016.

Will Smell O Vision be included?

As for 2016 predictions in gaming, this year will be the year of pushing VR. We had motion controls, we had 3D, and now it is shaping up to be the virtual reality push. I expect plenty of it at this year's E3. As for the games, with the success of Force Awakens I fully expect a new Star Wars IP to be teased, as well as the possibility of a Mario Galaxy-Esque Wii-U title given its potential on the gamepad. Nintendo's secret new console will be big speculation, a potential sequel to Destiny could rear its head, and I am in eager anticipation as to next year's big indie hit.

It has been a whirlwind of a year with my wedding this past August, getting a dog, and the many other events of life; but gaming and blogging is something I just cannot let go of moving into 2016. It lessened this past year extensively, skimping on Lets Plays and Video Reviews simply due to time, but I would always find time or sacrifice a few hours sleep to delve into a title a little further.

It has shaped my New Year's resolution, in not only improving my self, but to keep writing, pick back up video reviews, and look at the possibility of a career change. I expect many failures, errors, and missteps along the way; but I know 2016 will be a year to learn and grow, and it is something I must leave a comfort zone to in order to do. One constant will remain, through all the events for the year to come; I will always pick up a controller for whatever experience 2016 has to offer.

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