Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Spotlight - We Happy Few

We Happy Few
Xbox One - PC
Developer: Compulsion Games
Publisher: Compulsion Games
Release Date: June 2016

In a disturbing Bioshock/1984 like manner, We Happy Few stands out as a sadistic world full of potential. The theme is to hide in plain sight in the town of Wellington Wells, acting as though you are one of the happy citizens taking their "Joy" pills. You play the role of a "Downer" and need to escape the dystopian society by learning to blend in and follow the rules while keeping your agenda secret.

The hitch being, if you die. There is no reloading a save, as the game is designed to be replayed. From the official website [1]:
Each time you die, you’ll restart in a brand new city, thanks to our procedural generation tech. You’ll be able to customize the world to your liking, and play through using multiple characters and playstyles. Each time, you’ll learn a little more about how to survive in Wellington Wells.

This offers an interesting trail and error centered gameplay, learning about the world a little more with each death.

Additionally, expect plenty of melee combat, crafting, and looting. Gameplay shows a stamina bar for melee combat, the ability to loot corpses, and the necessity of water and food to stay alive.

The game is in alpha stage, but the initial gameplay looks promising. It seems to be an interesting world with a huge replay potential. We Happy Few is set for release in June of 2016.

[1] - We Happy Few - Official Website -

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