Thursday, December 3, 2015

Warlock Solos Oryx...Puts Shame to Us All for Messing Up Platforms

User The Great Gatsby has successfully done what many have been working toward, killing Oryx by himself. This six man encounter required a lot of coordination, and he is able to manipulate a few things to make it all happen. [1]

-Rounding up Light Eater Ogres by lowering their health to sliver then having them enrage and charge him to group up the bombs.

-Ignoring the Knight completely and instead relying on Radiance to revive. This negates even having to do platforms.

-Using an up close Super Good Advice to stun Oryx before he claps.

While the Radiance perk seems like a cheat, this is still insanely impressive and validates having a Warlock handy from now on...

[1] - Casually Soloing Oryx - The Great Gatsby -

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