Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Spotlight - Scalebound

Xbox One
Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Release Date: Late 2016

Fans of How to Train Your Dragon will soon be able to live out the movie. In this action RPG you control a dragon sidekick that you are bonded to in fighting a multitude of enemies. You are not completely helpless, as the main character Drew can use swords, arrows, and other weaponry to combat the enemies as well. He even has the ability to use a super form to shapeshift and increase strength to go toe to toe with larger, more intimidating enemies.

Enemies range from helpless soldiers to larger more intimidating creatures of Draconis, hinting at large scale boss fights or massive battles with armies of troops.

With any RPG, customization is available to tailor your inventory and weaponry to your liking. Your companion dragon can be chosen and evolved, customized in both look and battle approach.  Skill points can be assigned after gaining them from battle performance, strengthening Drew or boosting his healing to his bonded dragon.

The game will also feature a four player cooperative mode, though not much is known about it at this time.

More details are sure to come, but the gameplay video alone looks promising with potential for massive bosses and memorable encounters.

Scalebound is currently set to release late next year.

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