Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Spotlight: Volume

PC - PS4 - PS Vita
Developer: Mike Bithell
Publisher: Mike Bithell
Release Date: August 18th, 2015

Toted as Metal Gear meets Robin Hood, Volume is a mixture of stealth and action as you navigate a Tron inspired world.

The story follows Robert Locksley, a petty thief that finds a device called "Volume", which allows him to simulate heists that are part of a secret military coup attempt. The device has an AI built into it that guides Robert on how to use the device. Robert decides to use the it to broadcast the simulations of high-profile crimes across the Internet.

Presented in top down format, Robert navigates from one point to the next, avoiding a multitude of guards and sentries. Though you cannot kill the guards in your path there will be plenty of tools at your disposal to distract or disable them.

Included is the ability to create your own maps and share them online. You add the walls, hazards, enemies, and end-goals for the player. This is a huge opportunity for the player to become the developer in sharing it with the world, and could provide potential for some featured user maps.

A unique visual asthetic coupled with familiar stealth gameplay, Volume looks to be an indie title for any Metal Gear fan at heart. Release date is set for August 18th.

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