Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Spotlight: Hellblade

Playstation 4
Developer: Ninja Theory
Publisher: Ninja Theory
Release Date: 2016

Third person sword play experiences are beginning to evolve into more than simple button mashing, and Hellblade looks to be on track to provide a unique adventure.

Players take the role of Senua, with a story based on Celtic myth. Supposedly the game is from Senua's point of view, and the enemies she will face are manifestations of her own reality and mind; tackling the subject of mental health that is now being represented in a video game. Creatures look incredibly frightening and intimidating, warranting cautious movements and reading enemies for openings.

Being called an "independent AAA" game, Ninja Theory is looking to publish and develop the game independently,  but with the quality of a big name title. So far the look alone showcases this, as there are breathtaking landscapes and top quality voicework being used for the project.

The influence from Heavenly Sword is obvious, but overall it looks like it is beginning to shape up. In their recent Developer Diaries, they have covered their continued progress in story and gameplay, reworking their play tests based on player feedback to get pointed in the right direction and even working with studying individuals with psychosis to better shape Senua as a character.

You can check out their Developer Diaries here.

An interesting concept, intriguing gameplay, and gorgeous look so early in the development process makes this one game to keep on your watchlist.

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