Saturday, September 11, 2010

Haunted Majora's Mask Copy

"Jadusable" was revisiting his roots with an old N64. He went to a local yard sale and procured a few classic titles to play. He stumbled upon a very creepy old man's table, that gave him a blank N64 cartridge with the words "Majora" written on it in Sharpie for free.

Little did he know, that he just received one of the most ridiculously messed up games he would ever play. The game was indeed The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, but the game was intentionally bugged to the point of becoming a "let's see how long he plays until he craps himself" game. Below are the videos, but here are a few highlights if you are short on time:

  • Upon playing the song of time, Link bursts into flames
  • Occasionally, game soundtracks are played backwards
  • Link's upper torso is stuck horizontal while still being able to run around
  • A statue copy of Link used in a portion of the game chases him around, sometimes killing you
  • Clock Town becomes a ghost town with missing textures and the Song of Healing on loop
  • Random teleportation to different areas with characters repeating: "You should not have done that" upon deletion of another filed named, BEN, which restores itself after you return to the main menu.
  • Random cues of sounds like the Skull Kid's scream occur at random intervals

The list goes on. For the full "ghost story" on how this guy picked this game up click here. Otherwise the vids posted are displayed below.

Now mind you, I have not seen him insert the cartridge in the N64 to play this and show it off, nor is there any real validity in the story; but it is entertaining as hell to watch a glitched/hacked N64 game. I will never play Majora's Mask the same way again...

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