Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My 2018 Gaming Resolutions

I set practical goals throughout the year for life in general; eat healthier, cut out sodas, run more, etc. I never think of applying them to the activity I enjoy most of all; gaming. This year I decided to change a few habits and set a few goals for my year in gaming for 2018.

Keep Track of All Games Played

I have never kept a list of games completed, explored, purchased, etc; So this year, I have decided to see how much this hobby impacts the year in both quantity and cost. I plan to not only track games purchased and completed, but the ones I loved, the ones I hated, and the ones I wished I had gotten to experience. Shadow of War, Hollow Knight, and Dead Cells showcase a backlog to kick off the year and with so many new titles to go through, I can already tell this list will expand as more is unveiled.

Complete 10 Total Games

The old me would scoff at this as attainable in a mere month. However the busy life of a married adult makes this a challenge. Between looking after and improving the house, tending to the family (yes, dog is included), and the grind at work; gaming takes a backseat most days. Ten seems a reasonable amount, given the short run time of most side scrolling platformers and indie titles I have to get to this year, this seems like a healthy, attainable goal.

One does not simply turn down the difficulty

Keep it Difficult

I am currently going through Shadow of War and had to notch it down to Normal mode just to see if I was playing as intended. Turns out Normal mode is not an option for me anymore. The simplicity and ease of taking out enemies with no real concern for health is just not my way to play. I want challenge; I want that dire thought process of what to do next, that prayer that no bullet hits me as I rush toward a health pack, and that feeling of satisfaction of completing a checkpoint after dozens of attempts. No normal mode for me this year. 

Lose that Anger

Sometimes you just need to walk away or play a simpler mission. I will admit, it gets the best of me on occasion, primarily in multiplayer games. In those times, I need to learn to play something easier or more soothing and come back later if it is making me that frustrated. This is especially true with harder difficulty modes and online multiplayer games where sometimes things are just out of your control. Sometimes you are matchmade with a bad team, sometimes you are dealt a bad hand, sometimes you just need to practice. There is always a formula for success without getting overly upset.

No mission marker needed

Take Your Time

I try to breeze through games too often. A bad habit indeed. Some games are best when you are just messing around, mindlessly throwing a box at an NPC to see their reaction or going out of your way for that collectible on the hillside. It is when you see how far you can push a game that you can have the most fun and truly see what the developer tucked away. This includes reading those logs you pick up, listening to those audio conversations between characters, and interacting with world around you. Many developers put a lot of care into games, you may notice things you never noticed before if you just stop and look around. 

Blog More

I have since abandoned this blog last year. The busy season of life catches up with you. It did not mean I did not play as much or did not have anything to say. I just completely lost touch in writing those impressions or reviews out. This year I hope to upkeep the blog better. Reviews, updates, video blogs; I want to improve but also share the excitement and energy I have for gaming's memorable titles and experiences.

Ori 2 tugging at emotions before even playing...

Whatever your own goal this year, write them out. Put them in front of you. Make small efforts. Resolutions are tough, but doing a little at a time can make them possible. The list above may seem trivial in regards to video games, but they reflect personal changes too. Challenge yourself, keeping track of personal progress more often, and stopping to smell the roses every now and then. Resolutions in general are made to break a bad cycle or habit and to be better than you were before, so make your list, even if it's something small or just one thing. Here is to your 2018. Now get out there, Guardian/Hero/Ranger/Chosen One. You have work to do.

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