Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Spotight - A Blind Legend

A Blind Legend
Developer: Dowino
Publisher: Plug In Digital
Release Date: April 7th, 2016

The unique take of this game is that you do not need a screen to play, just headphones. While the game was intended for the blind, many have picked this up recently to experience it for themselves.

You take the role of a blind swordsman guided by your daughter, and you must navigate and avoid the many traps that lie in the High Castle Kingdom, while confronting a multitude of enemies.

You use the arrow keys to move, shift and control to run/walk, and enter to draw your sword. While the hack and slash controls are all there, it is the 3D sound that carries it all. You can navigate the world by listening to the environment or call out to your daughter for assistance with spacebar.

While I usually highlight upcoming games, this one in particular offers a sensory experience you rarely see. I am eager to give it a try soon.

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