Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monty Oum Passes Away at Age 33

I have always loved Red vs Blue, but will never forget the particular scene when the traditional format was broken as a warthog broke through a concrete wall. I was stunned, as a series I had watched for years took a dramatic turn toward breaking the trend and produced some of the best action scenes I had seen in a long time.

The man responsible for that? Monty Oum. He continued this work with Rooster Teeth with RWBY.

Monty Oum always seemed like the most hard working, creative individuals that continued to push the bar and make every action sequence better than the last. He was quite an individual, and upon hearing of his death yesterday, I was overtaken with a sense of loss. Here was this incredible mind lost so early in life.

The official Rooster Teeth announcement can be found here.

Wishing his family, friends, and everyone at Rooster Teeth the sincerest of condolences during this time. Monty's work will live on and inspire other creative minds for ages to come, but no denying the world lost an incredible person.

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