Monday, November 28, 2011

December Gaming Releases - Holiday Recovery

Highlighted Release
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Developer: Bioware
Publisher: EA/Lucasarts
Release Date: December 20th, 2011

After the destruction that was November, December may lack in number of releases but makes up for it with this title. Star Wars: The Old Republic has been teased for years now, and is one of the most anticipated MMOs to be released this year. It's a great game to close out 2011, and after spending time in the beta, I can safely say it is worth the wait. With an unmatched single player narrative, overall look, and atmosphere; the game is what every Star Wars fan loves about the universe.

*** If you wish to watch a trailer for the game, simply the click on the game cover art. Enjoy!***

Additional Titles

December 1st

December 4th

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