Monday, September 12, 2011

Closure in Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 is nearly here and for a lot of people it means more multiplayer mayhem. For myself, it means closure to a storyline that I have been following since the first installment.

While overall I have enjoyed the Gears world and story, the second game in the trilogy left a lot of questions in the air. I have not had a chance to delve into any of the novels or comic books to research further, but even so, many questions go unanswered. Here are my expectations for open plot lines and hopes of what the story could evolve into:

(SPOILER ALERT - Gears of War/ Gears of War 2 plot discussion)

Catching up with Dad

It has been revealed that this game will focus on Marcus Fenix's father, Adam. He has been a huge influence in the Gears universe, as the game started with Marcus in prison, where he spent four years for abandoning his military post in order to make a vain attempt to save his father. After the second game, it was Adam's haunting voice that left ominous tones for the consequences of sinking Jacinto with his closing line, "What have you done?"

My main inquiries lie with his relationship with other key characters. Marcus was willing to risk his military career to save his life, and it's that care for his father that I am hoping to see play out. Do they have a love/hate relationship, what happened to Marcus's mother, etc. The Locust Queen held Adam in high regard, as she mentions in the second game when encountered. Hopefully, we will gain some back story regarding their past encounters and his influence on the world.

Where do Baby Locusts Come From?
    Ever notice that the Locusts sit at the same stature of a human? Strip them of the spiky armor and the similarities exist, with the exception of the gigantic Brumaks and Corpsers. This big question came into play in the second game; Are the Locusts a creation of man?

    So many small occurrences hint at this possibility. The run through the abandoned laboratory filled with mutated Sires, the kidnapping of COG soldiers for "processing" in the previous game, and the biggest of them all; the incredibly human look of the Locust Queen.

    When I was about to face the Locust Queen I had the notion that I would encounter something similar to the Queen from Aliens...but instead, a very normal figure stood before me. Her face and shape had nothing inhuman about it. With her previous encounter with Adam Fenix many speculate that the Locust Queen could in fact be Marcus's mother, a byproduct of Adam's failed experiments. That plot element seems too obvious to be true, and I feel that it could just be a formal acquaintance that held them together.

    Romance in the Battlefield

    There is a very subtle, and I mean very subtle hint of a possible romance between Anya and Marcus. At the close of the final game we see Marcus radio for Anya to respond, and a very noticeable sound of discern in his voice as his calls go unanswered. As she appears in a Raven on the far side with a quick wave, Marcus retains his calm, but I always felt like there might be something there.

    I Got the Black Lung, Pop

    Immulsion acts as the main energy source for the planet Sera, and early in the second game we learned of a side effect it could have; Rust Lung. This sickness overtook a large part of the last remnants of humanity through the entirety of the first level...and then we just shut up about it. It was never mentioned again or became a factor in any other plot element. Did the COG's develop superior immunities after the first act?

    I know the Immulsion will play a huge factor in the Lambent's origin, but the effect on humans seemed to go unexplained. Hopefully more will be revealed as to its impact on both the Locusts and humans.
    A Delta Must Die
      ...Not talking Carmine here. This is war. Plain and simple. For an emotional impact that will resonate through the Gears universe, I feel that one of the original four will have to die. Most of the characters killed at this point in the universe were only known for a few hours before they were taken out; Tai, Kim, and even Maria. I never got to invest much in these characters, so when the time came for their demise I simply gave a, "Well that sucks" and moved on. If one of the original four were to die, it would make the necessary impact the story needs.

      Personally, my money will be on Dom. After losing his wife and the dim outlook of the war hanging over him, he seems like the character that would be most willing to sacrifice himself to let others live on. With nothing left to lose, his death could be the spark needed for the other Gears members to turn the tide in a key battle.

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