Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Nintendo Console in 2012

Nintendo has been slacking on Wii title releases lately and the reason seems to be coming to light. A new console has been confirmed to be showcased at E3 this year.

The unnamed console, according to Kotaku:
Furthermore, we've heard that the machine will be more powerful than current-gen systems, meaning Nintendo, currently backing a Wii that is weaker in horsepower than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will be showing a new console that is more powerful than those current competitors.

So what does this mean for the console? Besides being more powerful, will it actually set a new trend like the Wii did in motion gaming? Or will it simply amaze everyone with visuals never before seen as possible?

E3 kicks off June 7th, until then it is merely speculation. Let's all just cross our fingers, and pray that friend codes die off with the Wii....

Source: Kotaku - New Nintendo Console Debuting at E3,...

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