Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Releases - Dragons, Communism, and a New Handheld

March 1st


Developer: Trion Worlds
Publisher: Trion Worlds

Rift adds on to the slew of MMORPGs that are emerging for the PC. Each character chooses between four classes (Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, Mage) and must battle monsters emerging from rifts before they overtake the lands. Already the game has gotten a swarm of participants, so much that they have had to open additional servers to handle the long ques.

March 8th

Dragon Age II

PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Developer: Bioware
Publisher: EA

The sequel to the hit RPG title graces consoles once again. This time around the combat has gotten a complete overhaul, requiring much more participation than simply issuing orders as before. Along with new gameplay comes a shrinking of class choices to three, new visuals, and a Mass Effect inspired dialogue wheel. The demo is already out so if you have never checked out Dragon Age, now is the time!

Pokemon Black/White

Nintendo DS
Developer: Gamefreak
Publisher: Nintendo

No, Pokemon is not dead and obviously they have not run out of colors either. The newest addition to Pokemon continues the franchise's addicting collector gambit of catching, training, and battling your tiny monsters. This installment introduces 156 new Pokemon bringing the total number to 649!! Remember when it was just 151? Ah, simpler times...Regardless, expect new combat scenarios; including a triple team battle, and so much more.

March 15th


PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Developer: Kaos Studios
Publisher: THQ

This upcoming FPS is set in the time period of post-peak oil world, in which the US is rapidly declining. The story looks intriguing, and the gameplay looks to match it. With a 32 player multiplayer with dedicated servers and a single player to rival inspired by Half-Life, this is one to watch.

March 20th

Crysis 2
PC, PS3, Xbox 360
Developer: Crytek
Publisher: EA

Crysis is setting the bar once again for graphical performance, with a follow up to one of the most stunningly good looking games ever created. Crytek has even claimed that his game will have the best visuals of any video game in history. With fast paced shooter action, incredibly destructible environments, and a well-prepared multiplayer; this will be a game to set your sights on.

March 27th

Nintendo 3DS
Price: $250
Weight: 8.1oz (3oz less than the DS)
Display: 24 bit display (over 16 bit of DS)
Screen: 3.02 in (77 mm), 320 x 240px
Connectivity: 802.11b/g Wireless, 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope

So not quite a game, but an important date nonetheless. The Nintendo 3DS will go on sale March 27th to continue Nintendo's dominance over the handheld market. Equipped with a sleeker look, slew of features including backwards compatibility, and a graphical overhaul to rival the Gamecube; this will be another handheld to rule them all. Not to mention it is the first system to truly make use of 3D technology without the need for glasses. Be willing to drop $250 to be the coolest kid on your block.

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