Thursday, January 27, 2011

PSP2 or NGP if You're Nasty

Sony is looking to keep its competition alive in the handheld market with the unveiling of the PSP2..or NGP which stands for Next Generation Portable....or PSP2. Why would I bother with such a device, you may ask? Kotaku was kind enough to throw together the basics

While the idea of next-gen gaming on-the-go is nice, you have to wonder how this will stand up being released so late in the year after Nintendo's 3DS launch in March. What's going to be the deciding factor? Price. If this thing is any higher than the 3DS or even close to a $250 price tag, I highly doubt we will see many units move. Still, it looks like one impressive machine and hopefully we will get a better idea of what to expect from it at E3.

Source: Kotaku- Beginner's Guide to the PSP2

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