Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Your 360 Could Soon be Hulu-Looping

There is no denial that Netflix Instant Stream has been quite the hit on the 360. Instantly streaming terrible classic films to showcase to your friends who end up utterly disappointed with your childhood entertainment choices. With Twitter and Facebook additions in place, it was only a matter of time before television needed to hop on board.

According to "a very reliable source", gadget site Gear Live is reporting that Microsoft is set to unveil Hulu streaming via Xbox Live during its E3 press conference. Don't get too excited just yet. This will require a separate subscription fee, much like Netflix. It allows users to watch their favorite TV shows on their...you know...televisions, instead of a computer monitor.

Though Netflix does have a few television seasons already online, this will allow users to watch more current episodes to show off to their friends, who for the 20th time already told you they don't understand Lost. Combining this with the already popular Netflix could shift the media friendly buyer in their purchase of a console. We'll have to wait two weeks at E3 for more details and price points.

Source: Kotaku - Hulu Coming to Xbox 360?

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