Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dragon Age: Awakening - Worth the price?

Dragon Age: Awakening

Xbox 360/PS3/PC
Developer: Bioware
Publisher: EA
Release Date: March 2010

  Dragon Age: Origins offered a spectacular RPG with a insanely large amount of content that required multiple plays to fully discover. Gaining generally favorable reviews and praise, it made perfect sense that an expansion would be in the works...I just didn't think it would be ready so soon...nor so pricey. After the small DLC they attached to the game costing a mere 5-10 bucks, releasing a $40 expansion was quite a surprise. But before the slew of hate comes, lets take a look at what they are offering:

  • An entirely new world to explore, Amaranthine
  • Additional spells, equipment, items, and specs
  • Five new party members
  • New enemies/bosses including a very pretty spectral dragon
  • Ability to import your previous character/create a new one
  • Furthering story including a deeper look at the Darkspawn and Grey Wardens

  While all this seems quite nice, I do have my doubts. I know that what I listed is a pretty fair amount of new content...but the real question remains, is it really worth forty bucks? Lets not forgot that Origins was released in November, and many are still questing through that game finding new things, not to mention the recently released DLC to tide us over. It seems like for this expansion to be worth it, it would have to contain a decently sized campaign. From what I am hearing, a handful of people have said this could only be 15 hours, which is a decent amount for other games, but not for Dragon Age.

  I do hate to shoot this game down so early, as many other pricey expansions did deliver a good amount of new content to an already released game (GTA 4 DLC, Fallout 3 DLC). It just seems like that for this amount of content, 20 would be a deal, 30 would be meh, but 40 is pushing it. The past has told us that Bioware makes fantastic release titles...with questionable DLC (looking at you Mass Effect Pinnacle Station)....

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